The Artist Series

A Christmas Carol

· Moran Theater
· Friday, December 21, 2012
· 8 pm

When Charles Dickens wrote his “ghostly little tale” in 1843, he couldn’t know that A Christmas Carol was destined to become one of the most beloved holiday traditions of all time. By telling this fable illustrating the unfairness of the Industrial Revolution and the necessity for brotherhood and unselfishness, Dickens gave the world one of its most enduring Christmas stories. NTC PRODUCTIONS has been touring Charles Jones’ delightful adaptation of A Christmas Carol since 1979, and NTC’s Carol is probably the most widely produced production of Dickens’ in the nation.

A Christmas Carol remains one of the most powerful and vivid illustrations of the necessity of good will in human conduct. This Victorian version of Christmas magic is presented with a full array of traditional Christmas carols interwoven with the well-known story.

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