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Extreme desperation for a chance to relax


Why do you need a getaway? I know everyone is having troubles these days but I must ask for help. My fiancé has 3 wonderful children from a previous marriage most his paycheck goes to child support and we hardly get to see them just once or twice a year. daughter is turning five and we are losing our home to foreclosure auction two days after her birthday and have no where to go. To top it off I am five months pregnant and unable to work due to many complications I just got out of the hospital (4 days in)I almost lost my baby and was close to kidney failure. I am facing temporary paralysis because of the way the baby is positioned. My pregnancy will end resulting in multiple surgeries My fiancé has been working 12 hour days and killing hisself to put food on the table and keep electricity. There aren't words to describe the need and happiness that would come from Being able to escape the negativity and heart ache we are surrounded with daily and nights awake worrying where we will live! I am begging to please please allow us to win! Please help us! Thank you.
Submitted by Allison LaBar from Jacksonville florida On 10/9/2012  · This has been rated 5 times.