The Morning Show
Arthur Crofton
Weekdays, 5:30AM - 10AM
Arthur Crofton has been the host of the Morning Show on 96.1 WEJZ since August 23rd 1990…..20 years and counting! 

Arthur's interest in radio began as a child growing up in his native England, listening to the BBC, but it was music radio stations on ships offshore, known as "pirate" stations, that led him to want a career "on the air"! In 1970, Arthur came to the US, which was his mother's homeland, and worked for a short while for CBS News, as a mail clerk! Yes, Arthur used to deliver Walter Cronkite his daily mail! Arthur then came south to attend his mother's alma mater, the University of Alabama, so he is a Crimson Tide fan!! After undergraduate and graduate studies in Communications, Arthur began a radio career that brought him ultimately to 96.1.

Arthur is married to the former Laurie Mitchell, who is a Jacksonville native and 6th generation Floridian!! Yes there are a few here!! Arthur lives with two dogs, Foxy the “dingo dog” and Wolfie, a border collie/chow mix, along with four cats, Moby, Minnie, Ty and Syd. Arthur also has three adult children. Older daughter Teresa lives in Santa Monica, CA, and son Craig lives in Bristol, England, but younger daughter Lindsay is a little closer to home! She and her husband live in St Augustine and have four children, including the latest grandchild, Ella, born in August of 2009!

Tune in and enjoy the fun and games with Arthur, Yvonne and Jim on "The Morning Show" from 5:30 to 10 weekdays.


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