General Contest Rules for Renda Broadcasting Jacksonville


General Conditions:
1. Station expressly disclaims all responsibility for all property loss, property damage, bodily injury 
and death resulting, directly or indirectly, from any contest prize excluding damages, loss, injury 
or death caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of station.
2. Station expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for loss, inconvenience and other 
damage you may suffer resulting from the postponements, modifications of cancellation of any 
contest or promotions due to technical difficulties or Acts of God.
3. You shall be responsible for all federal, state and local taxes that may arise by reason of your 
receipt or use of the contest prize.
4. This offer is VOID if you reside in a jurisdiction that prohibits promotions or contest of this kind.
5. Your federal, state or local government may impose additional conditions on your acceptance of 
this prize.
6. By accepting your prizes, you affirm that you are neither a co-sponsor nor employee of any radio 
or television station and each of their respective parent, affiliate, and subsidiary companies, and 
advertising or promotional agencies.
7. By accepting your prizes, you affirm that you are neither an employee of Renda Broadcasting 
Stations, Community First, nor a member of the immediate family of any employee of the station.
8. You agree to allow the station to use your name, voice and likeness on the air and in any publicity 
9. Your prize may carry a deadline and or certain restrictions based on age, availability and calendar 
10. The radio station will hold your prize for a period of 30 days from the date it was awarded. After 
that period of time, the prize reverts to the station and will be dealt with at the sole discretion of 
the station management.
11. All participants of on-site giveaways must be present to claim there prize. The station shall not and 
will not be held responsible for non-attendance of participant at the time of drawing. It is the sole 
responsibility of the participant to be present.
12. Winners of any regularly scheduled Monday-Friday contest and members of their households are 
ineligible to win any other weekday contest for a period of 30 days, with the expressed exceptions 
listed below:
 Winners of consolation prizes are eligible to participate in all contests and are excluded 
from the 30-day waiting period.
 Winners of special Radio Station promotions, scheduled periodically throughout the year, 
are eligible to play other contest regardless of the amount of time since winning their last 
prize from the station – excluding major prize winners. These special promotions may not 
be identified on or off air.
 Winners of major prizes, given away wholly or in part by the radio station, are excluded 
from winning any prizes on the radio station for a period of one year from the date the 
major prize was awarded. A major prize is considered to be $1500.00 or greater value.
13. Individuals using aliases or names other than their own in order to obtain prizes or qualify for 
contest will be disqualified from winning the said prize and may be permanently banned from 
playing any contest on stations owned by Renda Broadcasting. Use of another’s name in an effort 
to secure prizes will be considered an act of fraud and may be subject to prosecutio



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