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Dogs Can Help Detect Hypoglycemia In Diabetes Patients
   (Undated)  Having a dog around may help some diabetes patients.  A new study out of England finds that dogs may be able to help blood sugar levels in type one diabetes patients from dropping too low.  They say the dogs can detect the start of a hypoglycemic episode by smell.  Hypoglycemia can strike diabetes patients without warning and can lead to disorientation and fatigue.  Experts say dogs can be trained to smell a chemical present on a patient's breath when blood sugar levels fall.
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FDA Issues Warning About Eating Raw Cookie Dough
   (Washington, DC)  The Food and Drug Administration is mixing up controversy with its latest stance on licking the batter from the bowl.  The FDA has issued a message warning people not to eat raw cookie dough or cake batter because of a recent outbreak of E. coli linked to contaminated flour.  Nearly 40 people in 20 states have been infected by the strain of bacteria since last December.  Symptoms include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.  Some infections can lead to kidney failure.  
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Electroniic Cigarettes No Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes
A new study claims that electronic cigarettes may not be significantly safer than tobacco cigarettes.  The study out of UCLA found that e-cigarettes contain toxic substances that can kill the top layer of skin cells in the oral cavity.  Researchers believe their findings show that e-cigarettes could increase a person's risk for oral disease, just like the use of traditional cigarettes.  
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Granola Bars Recalled Over Listeria Worry
   (Columbia, SC)    General Mills is recalling four types of its Nature Valley granola bars because of a possible Listeria contamination.  Nature Valley Protein Chewy Bars and Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars are being pulled from shelves as part of sunflower kernel supplier SunOpta's national recall.  Customers are asked to check for the products affected and throw them away, regardless of the date on the package.  General Mills has received no reports of illnesses linked to the issue.  
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DEA Chief Sounds Alarm Over Synthetic Drug Overdoses
   (Washington, DC)   Synthetic drugs are posing an "unprecedented" risk for U.S. overdoses and deaths.  Drug Enforcement Administration head Chuck Rosenberg told a U.S. Senate committee yesterday that the risk is especially high among youth.  Rosenberg called for help in controlling the problem.  He says for every substance that is controlled, there are eleven more out there that are uncontrolled.  More than eleven-million people illegally take prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes every year.  
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Looking At Smartphones In Darkness Linked To Temporary Blindness
   (Undated)    Looking at your smartphone in a dark room could lead to temporary blindness.  A new report says two women suffered what doctors call "transient smartphone blindness" for months.  The women, aged 22 and 40, complained of recurring temporary blindness lasting as long as 15 minutes at a time.  Both women told doctors they usually checked their smartphones late at night while lying in bed.  They looked with only one eye because their pillow covered the other eye.  Eye specialists say the temporary blindness is harmless and people can avoid it by always looking at their smartphones with both eyes.  The report appears in "The New England Journal of Medicine."  
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