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Diabetes Drug Could Help Weight Loss Too
A drug meant for diabetics could help those without the disease lose weight. The drug called Liraglutide reduced at least five-percent of body weight in over 60 percent of those who took part in a recent study, which was published in the "New England Journal of Medicine". Around one-third of those who took part lost at least ten-percent of their body weight. Some doctors believe the drug could be used to help patients who are having trouble losing weight or maintaining their weight loss.  
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Air Purifier Shown To Improve Heart Health RIsks
Air purifiers may help those living with a heart condition. A new study out of China shows that an air purifier could help reduce risk factors associated with hearth diseases. The study showed that the improved air quality resulted in decreases in blood pressure and improve lung function. Even though air purifiers the risk factors for heart disease, researchers can't say if using one would prevent heart attacks or other major heart problems. Because of the poor air quality in China, its also unclear what the results could mean for Americans.
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MDMA Being Studied As Anxiety Drug For Autistic Adults
A recreational drug is being studied as a possible anxiety treatment for adults with autism. Scientists in Los Angeles are studying MDMA, also known as Molly or ecstasy, for its possible medicinal use. Research at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute  think the drug might be able to alleviate social anxiety in autistic adults. The authors of the study say the pure form of the drug is far safer in a controlled setting that the drugs that are sold on the street. MDMA is also being studied as a possible treatment for the post traumatic stress disorder.
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Researchers Look To Develop Disease-Resistant Poultry
Poultry disease is an international issue, especially when there's an outbreak. Researchers at the University of Georgia may be closed to developing animals resistant to disease. This only covers the Newcastle virus which is not the same as the bird flu that's currently killing millions of chickens and turkeys. But it's hoped the technology could soon be applied to avian influenza and swine flu.   
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ADHD Children Focus Better When They Figet
Hyperactive children focus better when they fidget. A new study published "Child Neuropsychology" found that children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder can concentrate better when they fidget than when they don't.  Scientist at the University of California, David studied a group of hyperactive children by giving them test. They discovered that the more intensely children with ADHD wiggled and fidgeted the more accurate there answers were.  When these children where kept still, their response where more likely to be wrong. Fidgeting made no difference in children without ADHD. 
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Researchers Say Pancreatic Cancer Test Could Be Closer
Doctors could be closer to having a blood test that would detect pancreatic cancer early. Researchers have discovered a protein that pancreatic tumors consistently shed into the blood. This could be a big advance in detecting the aggressive cancer. More research is needed but experts are cautiously optimistic about the study published online in the journal "Nature".
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