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UTMC Unveiling High-Tech Radiation System
A new high-tech machine that kills cancer cells without surgery unveiled at Ohio's University of Toledo Medical Center. The hospital is one of five in the country to have the Edge radiosurgery systems and the only one in northwest Ohio. Doctors say it keeps harmful doses of radiation away from healthy tissue by adjusting the beam in real time to compensate for any slight movement of the tumor during treatment. Radiation treatments are also shorter and cause fewer side effects.
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American Heart Association: E- Cigs Dangerous, Should Be Regulated
The American Heart Association says so-called e-cigarettes are dangerous and should be regulated. The Heart Association says more study is needed on how e-cigarettes affect users' health.
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Consumer Reports Advises Pregnant Women Avoid Eating Canned Tuna
Consumer Reports is advising that pregnant women not eat any canned tuna due to the potential for mercury exposure, which can harm a person's brain and nervous system.
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Sam's Club Recalls Chicken Caesar Salad Kits
Sam's Club is recalling over 90-thousand pounds of chicken caesar salad kits over Listeria concerns. Teh USDA says the salad kits in question come in eleven ounce plastic containers and six and a half pound containers. No illnesses have been reported, but testing on some of the kits did turn up the Listeria bacteria.
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Senator Schumer Says FitBit Bracelets Represent A Privacy
New York Senator Charles Schumer says those popular FitBit bracelets could lead to a privacy nightmare by selling your health information. Schumer is urging the Federal Trade Commission to provide a way for users to opt out so that FitBit and other similar device companies won't be able to sell data about you to third parties. He says it's no one's business but yours what you weigh, how many steps you walk and how many calories you burn. He says he's particularly concerned about that kind of information falling into the hands of insurance companies and potential employers.
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University Tests Machine Keeps Lungs Alive Outside Body
Researchers in Michigan are testing a machine that can keep lungs alive outside the body. The bubble-like device looks like something you'd expect to find in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. Lungs can be seen rising and falling with the help of attached tubes. Researchers tell the "Detroit Free Press" the machine can be a real game-changer when it comes to transporting organs for transplant. Every second a donated organ is deprived of blood and oxygen can lead to rapid deterioration.
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