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U.S. Cities 70,000 Ways To Get Hurt, Sick, Die
There are now 70-thousand officially recognized ways to get sick, hurt, or fatally injured. Starting today, doctors, hospitals, and all other health care providers in the U.S. have to use internationally developed standards to bill private insurers and government programs. The codes cover everything from parrot bites to getting sucked into a jet engine. The nearly three-trillion dollar a year health care industry has been working hard to be able to start using the new codes today but doctors say it's going to mean more paperwork and probably slower pay, at least for a while.
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Stem Cell Surgery Could Be Age- Related Blindness Cure
British surgeons are performing an operation that could be a cure for age related blindness. Sky News reported today that a team of doctors in London took embryonic stem cells developed into retina cells. They transplanted those cells into the eye of a 60-year-old woman suffering from a form of age-related macular degeneration. They performed the surgery last month and so far, there are no complications. Doctors say it will be several more months before they'll know how well the woman can see. Experts say if the surgery is a success, it could lead to similar surgery to remove cataracts.
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New Kidney Cancer Treatments Get Boost In Results
Those who suffer from kidney cancer are getting some good news. There are two new therapies being currently used for treatments of skin and lung cancer. Research finds it improves the body's immune system for growth signals in cancer tumors. Both have undergone extensive trials.
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Research Ties Alzheimer's To Stress
Florida finds there could be alink between Alzheimer's disease and stress. The research team found that a stress-coping hormone released by the brain can boost production of specific protein fragments. Those fragments later clump together and trigger the brain degeneration which leads to Alzheimer's. The U-F study suggests that reducing stress could be another way to help prevent the illness. 
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Women Urging FDA To Pull Bayer Contraceptive Device From Market
Dozens of women are urging the Food and Drug Administration to pull permanent contraceptive device from the market, saying it causes serious side effects. Thousands of women have filed complaints since 2002 that Bayer's Essure device can cause problems ranging from chronic pain and bleeding to conditions like lupus. Essure has two small nickel-titanium as an alternative to tubal ligation. Some women told an FDA advisory panel on Thursday how the coils ended up in their pelvic cavity or around the bowel, causing acute pain. The FDA is now deciding what to do about the Essure device and could mandate changes such as a side effect warning on the product label.
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Diabetes Drug Could Also Treat Heart Dieases
New research shows a diabetes drug meant to lower blood sugar could also help fight heart disease. A study of Empagliflozin showed a 38-percent reduction in deaths related to heart problems. More than seven-thousand people with type two diabetes and high risk of cardiovascular disease took part in the study. The result was one of the largest impacts on deaths rates some experts say they can remember seeing in any drug.
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