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Eating Trans Fats May Impact Your Memory
There's another important reason to avoid eating trans fats besides the potential for weight gain and heart disease. A new study shows eating large amounts of trans fats which are commonly found in junk food can do damage to your memory. Even after adjusting for factors like age, researchers determined there was still a link.
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A Study on Magnets Inside Football Helmets
Magnets inside football helmets are being studied as a way to soften the sport's concussion problem. Neuroscientist estimate that the magnets' repelling powers could reduce helmet-to-helmet blows by 40-percent. Supporters believe spending 100 dollars-per-helmet to add the magnets is a small price to pay for a big payoffs in reduced concussions. 
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Alternative to Statins for Lowering Cholesterol
Those at high risk for a heart attack now have an alternatives to statins for lowering cholesterol. Statins are commonly used by those with high heart attack risk because they prevent bad cholesterol from being made, but millions of heart attack patients cant tolerate statins. A new study reported Monday at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association found an alternative to statins in the drug ezetimibe ( eh-ZET-uh-mib), which lowers bad cholesterol by preventing it from being absorbed in the gut. The six year study involved 18-thousand people who had heart attacks or severe chess pains, and found ezetimibe to be as effective as statins. The study found no side effects from ezetimibe.
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Millions of American Women Not Getting Screened for Cervical Cancer
A new study by the CDC contains some alarming figures related to cervical cancer. The CDC found eight million women in the U.S. have not been screened for cervical cancer in the past five years. About 25-percent of those women either don't have health insurance for a regular doctor.  Getting screened involves getting a PAP smear during a regular physical exam which can catch the desease early while its still treatable. The CDC says more than 50-percent of women diagnose with this female cancer never received any kind of screening. About a third of women diagnosed with cervical cancer die from it.
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Treatment For Skin Cancer is More Expensive Than Any Other Cancer.
The treatment for skin cancer is more expensive than that of any other cancer. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control finds that the cost of cancer treatment has doubled since 2002, but the cost of skin cancer treatment is five times higher. Skin cancer is also the most common form of cancer, afflicting five million Americans ever year.
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Scientists Discover "Stupid Virus"
Scientist say they've discovered a virus that attacks human DNA and can cause an infected person to lose intelligence, memory, or learning ability. It's being called the "stupid virus." Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska came across the virus when they were working on an entirely different study. The virus turned up in a green algae that's most commonly found in lakes and rivers.
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