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U.S. Has First Case Of Bacteria Resistant To All Antibiotics
  (Washington, DC)   The director of the CDC says the U.S. has its first case of a patient infected with a bacteria that is resistant to all known antibiotics.  Thomas Frieden says the patient is a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman who has a urinary tract infection.  Frieden told an audience at the National Press Club the infection was not even controlled by an antibiotic that's used to fight what he called "nightmare bacteria."  The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center said the superbug signals the emergence of quote -- "truly pan-drug resistant bacteria."  Details on how the woman became infected have not been released.  She had not traveled outside the U.S. within the past five months.  
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Scientists Say DNA Removal Makes HIV Cure Closer
   (Undated)    Scientists say they're a step closer to finding a cure for the virus that causes AIDS.  Researchers at Temple University have removed DNA of the HIV virus from living tissue for the first time.  They say they used gene-editing technology to remove the most common strain, known as HIV-1, from living animals.  The announcement comes a month after the same research team successfully eliminated the virus from human cells in the laboratory.  The research is published in the journal "Nature Gene Editing."  
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Sunflower Seed Recall Impacts Two Dozen States
   (Edina, MN)   There's a recall for products containing sunflower seeds across 24 states because of possible listeria contamination.  The recall includes Planters and Sunrich Naturals sunflower kernels made in February and April.  There's also a recall for Oriental Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing made by Papa John's Salad and Produce.  The FDA recommends throwing these items away or taking them to the store for a refund.  No illnesses have been reported.  
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Study Claims Fitbit Is Inaccurate
Study Claims Fitbit Is Inaccurate (Pomona, CA)    Fitbit heart rate trackers might not be that accurate.  That's what a class action lawsuit claims and now a new study might back that up.  Adults were tested using the devices at California State Polytechnic University Pomona.  They were also measured with another device that found the Fitbits were often wrong by an average of 20 beats a minute during intense workouts.  The study was paid for by the lawyers representing the plaintiffs and Fitbit argues that the results were biased.  
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FDA Revises Food Nutrition Labels
   (Washington, DC)   The FDA is changing nutrition food labels and highlighting sugar.  New food labels will have additional information on grams of sugar that have been added by manufacturers.  That will significantly boost total sugar counts on many processed foods and drinks.  Food and beverage companies complain that the changes are unnecessary and will hurt business.  The FDA says the revised labels will help consumers make healthier food choices and will help reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease.   
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129,000 Child Bike Helmets Recalled
129,000 Child Bike Helmets Recalled (Undated)   Schwinn is recalling nearly 130-thousand bike helmets for infants and toddlers.  The helmets are sold exclusively at Target stores.  Schwinn says its Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Helmet has small parts on the chin strap that could come loose.  That could lead to kids choking or swallowing magnets.  Schwinn announced the recall late Thursday after getting three reports of the plastic cover coming loose.  The company says no injuries have been reported.  The helmets were sold at Target from January of 2014 through last month.  People who bought them should take the helmets away from kids and contact Schwinn for instructions on getting a free replacement helmet.  
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