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Coffee Could Lower Risk of Liver Cancer
Drinking coffee is being linked to a lower risk of liver cancer. Findings from the World Cancer Research Fund suggest that drinking regularly could lower the risk of liver cancer for obese patients and those who binge-drink. The study showed that both coffee and coffee extract reduced inflammation, mainly in the liver. Every year, more than seven-hundred-thousand people around the world are killed by liver cancer. 
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White House to Announce New Resistant Bacteria Fight
The White House is getting into the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria. The Obama administration is expected to announce a new plan to reduce deaths from so-called "superbugs" today. The government will require doctors and hospitals to monitor and report on antibiotics used, and implement stricter controls designed to reduce superbug infections. The investment by the government is expected to be over one-billion dollars. The CDC estimates two-million people are infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria each year, and at least 23-thousand of those die.
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Eye Surgeons Implant Bionic Eye In Blind Women
An operation on a blind woman from Honolulu, Hawaii may give hope to thousands with visual impairments. A team of doctors  at the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii fitted her with an artificial retina implant. When paired with glasses equipped with a mini video camera, the bionic eye should help her identify shapes and lights.   
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Frozen Food Company Recalls thousands of Meals
A California organic frozen food company is recalling thousands of meals due to the possibility of listeria. Amy's kitchen says they may have received tainted produce from one of their organic spinach supplier. The recall included 19 different food items involving over 70-thousand products distributed in the U.S.and Canada. The FDA's safety recall list includes Amy's Lasagna, rice bowls, enchilada verde, and tofu scramble breakfast items. A company press release says no illness has been reported, but they've issued the recall to insure an "abundance of caution". Typical symptoms of Listeria include headache, nausea, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms. 
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An Alzheimer's research study, being conducted at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, indicates that they have identified the build up of a dysfunctional TAU protein in the brain as the primary cause of the cognitive decline and memory loss in Alzheimer's patients. The study will be published today in the Neurological Journal 'Brain. Ps - the lead author on the study is Mellisa Murray, a UNF grad now working as a neuroscience research at Mayo.  
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New Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise
Early test for a new Alzheimer's drug are producing better-than-expected results. Researches say the experimental drug quickly slowed down the decline mental function's of patients in a small clinical trial. The "New York Times" says the new drug developed by Biogen could achieve sales in the billions if the results of the small trial can be replicated in larger trials. The "Times" says the drug may have exceeded Wall Street expectations of how effective it would be at slowing mental decline. The report adds  that Alzheimer's experts are impressed, but they caution that you shouldn't read too much into an early test.  
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