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UCLA Researchers Find Antibiotics May Work Better In Combination
   (Los Angeles, CA)  Combinations of three different antibiotics can overcome a bacteria's resistance.  UCLA scientists say the triple combo can be effective even when none of them work on their own, or even two of the three together.  Researchers believe that the discovery may save the lives of some of the nearly 700-thousand people who die each year to drug-resistant bacterial infections.  The study's lead author says "three antibiotics can change the dynamic" because each drug works in different ways.  
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More Teens With Diabetes&Prediabetes
(Silver Spring, MD)   More U.S. teens have diabetes or prediabetes than previously expected.  Research from Social & Scientific Systems finds that nearly one-percent of the more than 26-hundred teens studied had diabetes.  Another one-in-three cases went undiagnosed.  Almost 20-percent of the group had prediabetes, classified as higher than normal blood sugar levels but not high enough to be labeled as diabetes.  Experts call the findings alarming.  
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P.F. Chang's Frozen Products Recalled
   (Providence, RI)    P.F. Chang's is recalling frozen chicken and beef entrées because they could be contaminated with metal.  The Rhode Island Department of Health announced the recall yesterday, saying metal fragments could be embedded in the sauce.  The fragments could be between two and nine millimeters and are curled and shiny.  The recalled items include Signature Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Style Beef, and others.  
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Prostate Cancer Risk Could Be Detected Through Genetics
   (New York, NY)   Researchers believe it may be possible to detect risk for prostate cancer through genetic testing.  A new study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" indicates that a panel of 20 genes can distinguish prostate cancer that grows slowly into a more aggressive type.  Doctors for decades have been able to identify women who have a higher risk of breast cancer through genetic testing, and now they believe they can have similar success in detecting prostate cancer risk.  
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Alzheimer's Gene Shows Effects In Early Childhood
   (Honolulu, HI)   A gene that relates to Alzheimer's disease may show effects on brain structure as early as preschool age.  A new study out of the University of Hawaii finds that the gene can also impact mental sharpness that early.  Researchers have known the gene called APOE [[ A-PO-E ]] is related to Alzheimer's, but now have found that the gene's effects can be obvious in early childhood.  Some children with the gene tend to perform worse in memory and thinking skills.  That gap tends to fade between the ages of eight and ten.  
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Water Could Be Crucial To Weight Loss
   (Ann Arbor, MI)  Simply staying hydrated could be the key to losing weight.  A new study out of the University of Michigan Medical School finds that staying hydrated with water and more water-loaded fruits and vegetables can help with weight management, especially for those who are overweight.  Being dehydrated messes with your mental, physical and emotional health.  Researchers say hydration levels deserve more thought when considering a battle with obesity.  
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