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State Health Officials Want Less Aggressive Pain Treatment
   (Undated)   Dozens of state health officials want a tougher approach to treating pain in hospitals and clinics.  In a letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services they argue that current treatment standards are too aggressive and contribute to abuse of addictive painkillers.  The letter that went out Wednesday asks the agency to stop surveying people about how well their pain was controlled during hospital stays.  Those surveys are used to judge hospital performance and determine payment.  The health officials say the questionnaires have the unintended consequence of encouraging aggressive use of opioids.
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Japanese Researchers Creating E-Skin
   (Tokyo)    Japanese researchers are working on creating electronic skin.  The "e-skin" is made with flexible electronics that are worn for biomedical or other reasons.  The goal is to have e-skin become part of people's everyday lives.  Programs could be designed within the devices to track heart rates, sugar levels and other vital signs.  Researchers are also developing a protective film that protects the skin.
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  A South Dakota doctor is being credited with inventing a new type of stent that helps increase blood flow for people with aneurysms.  Doctor Patrick Kelly designed the stent four years ago after consulting on a case and finding there was no stent available to help tret it.  Kelly showed the stent to the FDA which approved a waiver to allow it to be tested in Sioux Falls.  The stent graft has worked successfully for several aneurysm patients, and the FDA is said to be considering approving the device for use in the rest of the U.S.
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Laundry Detergent Packets Increased Risk To Kids
   (Undated)    Laundry detergent packets are harming more and more children.  A new study in the journal "Pediatrics" shows a 17-percent increase in calls to U.S. poison control centers in 2013 and 2014.  The study suggests the majority of poisonings were from accidental exposure to the detergent packets, which are more concentrated than regular detergent.  Liquid laundry detergent packets were blamed for causing comas, cardiac arrest, and even death.   Parents are urged to keep the detergent packets out of sight and reach of children.
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Jet Hand Dryers Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels
   (Undated)    If you use those jet hand dryers in public restrooms, you may be spreading more germs than you realize.  A new study finds that air dryers tend to disperse more viruses than the use of paper towels to dry off.  Researchers discovered that the air dryers spray 13-hundred times more viral plaques than paper towels.  They also have the ability to spread them nearly ten feet from the dryer itself. 
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Obesity Linked To Stomach Cancer
   (Undated)   Obesity, alcohol and processed meat are being linked with stomach cancer.  A new report from the American Institute for Cancer Research analyzed 77-thousand cases of stomach cancer, which is the fifth most common cause of cancer worldwide.  The report says it's the first time that obesity has been linked to stomach cancer.  The researchers say obesity is now linked to eleven types of cancer.  
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