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New Medication For People with Chronic Heart Failure
A new medication is expected to help people with chronic heart failure live longer, happier lives. Doctor Natalie Azar with the NYU Langone Medical Center says the new medication from Novartis will have a good succedd rate. Taken twice-a-day in pill form, the yet unnamed drug is believed to reduce the stree on a heart and helps the heart recover quickly. There isn't a timetable for when patients will be able to get the pills or how much they will cost.
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Botox Being Tested Against Stomach Cancer
A new study shows that Botox may not only fight wrinkles, but stomach cancer as well. Scientists tested the drug on mice and were able to reduce the number of tumors in their stomach. Botox also helped boost survival and effects of chemotherapy. The study is published in the August 20th issue of "Science Translational Medicine."
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New Study Improves Predicting Risk of Heart Disease
A new study shows a protein similar to bad cholesterol can put you at a higher risk for heart disease. Doctor Stanley Hazen with the Cleveland Clinic says high levels of Liproprotein "A" or LPA, can predict the risk of heart disease. Researchers at a University in Austria found LPA levels were able to help them classify patients as a high or low risk for heart disease. They were able to use the results to predict the potential risk for up to 15 years i the future. The researchers hope their latest study will push along the development of medication to lower LPA levels.
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UTMC Unveiling High-Tech Radiation System
A new high-tech machine that kills cancer cells without surgery unveiled at Ohio's University of Toledo Medical Center. The hospital is one of five in the country to have the Edge radiosurgery systems and the only one in northwest Ohio. Doctors say it keeps harmful doses of radiation away from healthy tissue by adjusting the beam in real time to compensate for any slight movement of the tumor during treatment. Radiation treatments are also shorter and cause fewer side effects.
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American Heart Association: E- Cigs Dangerous, Should Be Regulated
The American Heart Association says so-called e-cigarettes are dangerous and should be regulated. The Heart Association says more study is needed on how e-cigarettes affect users' health.
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Consumer Reports Advises Pregnant Women Avoid Eating Canned Tuna
Consumer Reports is advising that pregnant women not eat any canned tuna due to the potential for mercury exposure, which can harm a person's brain and nervous system.
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