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Blood test may Detect Cancer
Diagnosing cancer may soon be as easy as getting a blood test. Researchers at Stanford University say the quick test would how what type of cancer a patient has and how advanced it is. The technique reads DNA that cancer cells release into the bloodstream. The findings are published in the journal "Nature Medicine" 
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Tyson Issues Massive Chicken Nugget Recall
Consumers who purchased bags of Tyson Foods ( TSN - .49% ) frozen chicken nuggets at Walmarts ( WMT -0.00%) Sams Club warehouse stories this winter might be affected by a Tyson Chicken recall. The recall covers 5-pound bags of Tyson fully cooked white meat chicken nuggets 16142-928. The bags have manufacturers codes on the side and codes 0264SDL0315 through 0319 as well as 0474SDL0311 through 0134 are covered.  Also under included in the Tyson chicken recall are 20 pound bulk packs or Spare Time Fully cooked nugget shaped chicken breast pattie fritters with ribbed meat.
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E Cigarette Calls TO Poison Control Centers Soaring
Poison control centers across the US are getting a lot more calls about electronic cigarettes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that calls concerning e-cigarette liquids have gone from one per month in 2010 to more than 200 calls per month this year. Researchers also found that more than half the calls involved children five years old and under.
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Party Drug Could Treat Depression
The party drug ketamine is apparently finding a new role in treating sever depression. A report published in the Journal of Psycho pharmacology shows the medication helped relieve symptoms in many treatment resistant patients. Ketamine has also been used in radiation , treating burns and as sedative fro children who have adverse reactions to other anesthetics. 
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Favorable Vote On Two Anti-Bacterial Drugs
Two new anti-bacterial drugs are a step closer to approval. An FDA panel this week voted in favor of tedizolid and albavancin. The panel said both are safe and effective against bad skin infections. It's not clear when either drug will be available commercially.
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Wolfson Children Hospital has issued a warning
Wolfson Children Hospital has issued a warning regarding those magnetic ball bearing desk toys. This is because a couple of area children were brought in who had swallowed pieces of those balls and gotten critically ill. And federal officials have been looking into simlar incidents in recent years. Those toys were sold under the name of Bucky Balls or Magnicube Magnet Balls. Many retailers have stopped selling the toys but they can still be bought online.  
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