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New Superbug Emerging From China That's Resistant to Antibiotics
A new superbug is emerging in China that's resistant to most antibiotics, even the ones considered the last line of defense. A study published in a British medical journal says a gene called MCR-1 makes bacteria impervious to the toughest antibiotics. The gene has been found in slaughterhouse pigs, raw meat and in E.
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Pigeons Trained To Detect Breast Cancer
Did you know pigeons can tell the difference between benign and malignant breast cancer? Researchers at the University of Iowa have trained pigeons to spot cancerous tissues in mammogram to m by rewarding them with snacks when they're correct. The researchers say that within two weeks, the pigeons were 85 to 90-percent accurate. The pigeons were also able to detect small accumulations of calcium salts in the breast tissues.
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FDA Approves Nasal Spray That Treats Opioid Overdose
The Food and Drug Administration is giving approval to an easy-to-use nasal spray that treats opioid overdose. The Narcan nasal spray can stop or reverse the effects of an overdose. Opioids include prescription drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine or the illegal drug heroin. Drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of injury death in the U.S. passing vehicle crashes. 
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Coffee Can Be Good For Your Health
There's more proof that coffee is not only good for the mind, but also the body. A new study out of Harvard University finds that those who drink regular, moderate amounts of coffee are less likely to die from a number of diseases ranging from diabetes to heart diseases. Research finds that the cutoff is around five cups a day, and even decaf works.   Our studies found that coffee can help people recover from colon cancer.
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Tyson Chicken Wing Recall
Tyson is recalling more than 50-thousand pounds of chicken wing. The company says they smell funny. They made some people mildly sick, but so far there are no reports of anything serious. The fully cooked Buffalo wings are called Any'tizers and should be tossed out or returned to the store. 
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New Multiple Myeloma Drug Gets FDA Approval
A new drug that boost the immune system in multiple myeloma patients are getting approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The drug Darzalex caused reductions in over 25-percent of patients tumors during clinical trial. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that can cause weakened bones, a weakened immune system and kidney issues. Darzalex is for those who have proven resistant in other treatments. 
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