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Clot Removal More Effective For Stroke Patients
A new study shows that physically removing clots is the most effective method for dealing with strokes. Researchers said Wednesday that retrieving clots with special devices is much more effective than clots-bursting drugs. The study found that 90 days after their strokes, nearly a third of patients who had clots physically removed regained functional independence. The device to remove the clots are not new, but researchers said this is the first trial to prove their effectiveness. 
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Ancient Chinese Techniques Prove To Be Helpful Controlling Knee Pain
Ancient Chinese techniques are proving to be helpful when treating arthritis pain in the knee. Cleveland clinic lead acupuncturist Jamie Starkey says a technique involving burning herbs and applying the heat to specific parts on the body has shown to be a very good way to control the pain. Research showed people who received this treatment three-times-a-week for six weeks had less pain and better mobility for nearly five months after their last treatment. Starkey says people experiencing knee pain should try Chinese medicine before jumping into surgery.
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Man Gains Weight After Drinking Ten Cokes A Day
What would happen if you drank ten Cokes a day for a whole month? According to a film maker who took on the challenge,  you gain 23 pounds. The soda-guzzler behind that claim is 50-year-old film maker George Prior. He decided to drink ten Cokes a day for 30 days and document it online to raise awareness about how much sugar people drink every day. A month later, he was 23 pounds heavier and had increased his body fat by 16-percent. The effort is documented on the website 10Cokesaday.com  
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Something Called Flavanols Found In Cocoa
Something called flavanols found in cocoa may help reverse age-related memory loss. The finding means it may be possible to tackle a common problem for many elderly people without the use of drugs. Healthy volunteers from age 50 to 69 drank a specially prepared cocoa drink each day that had either a high dose or a low dose of flavanols.  Scientist then did imaging on a region of the brain responsible for memory formation.
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Americans Are Slacking Off On Excercise
Americans are slacking off on exercise and  have growing waistbands to show for it. A new report by United Health Foundation shows the obesity rate grew to 29-and-a-half percent last year, up from about 27-and-a-half the year before. The study also shows an alarming number of people aren't getting nearly enough exercise. Nearly a quarter of people polled said they hadn't done any exercise in the last 30 days. Obesity has become a leading cause of death in the United States. The percentage of Americans considered obese has more than doubled in the last 25 years.
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New Stroke Treatment Shows Strong Results
A study called "Mr Clean" is showing promising results for the most severe stroke patients. Results show using a catheter-based treatment within six hours of a stroke is effective and safe. Doctor M.Shazam Hussain treats stroke victims at the Cleveland Clinic. An ischemic (ih-shem-ick) stoke happens when an artery is blocked to the brain. Standard care is to give the patient clot-busting medications, but when the clot is large enough it's difficult to fully open the artery, so doctors use a catheter-based method instead. Researchers in The Netherlands studied the effects of catheter-based treatments and found patients showing improved function after 90 days.
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