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Epilepsy Drug May Prevent MS Damage
Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a central nervous system disorder that affects about 400-thousand people in the United States. Current therapies for MS are anti-inflammatory treatments meant to prevent relapses in the disease. New research finds a common epilepsy drug could help protect and repair nerves in people with MS, and Doctor Robert Bermel with the Cleveland Clinic says it's refreshing new approach to treating the disease. The study tested Phenytoin and found that people who received it had 30-percent less damage to an optic nerve. That nerve typically gets damaged in people with MS and darkens vision while clouding one eye.
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Diabetes Vaccine In The Making
Researchers may be getting close to a vaccine for type 1 diabetes. In a recent study published by the American Medical Association, children at risk for type 1 diabetes developed an immune response to the disease after given daily doses of oral insulin. The study also showed that their immunity increased with the dosage. Researchers say the findings could possibly lay the groundwork for a vaccine against type 1 diabetes. 
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Vaccines Don't Cause Autism
A new study is backing up researchers who say vaccines don't cause autism. The study, published in the "Journal of the American Medical Association," found that brothers and sisters of children with autism weren't vaccinated. Many parents are reluctant to get their children immunized  because of claims it can cause autism. However, the scientific community is united in refuting such claims, although the exact cause of autism are unknown.
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Blue Bell Issues Voluntary Recall On All Products
The maker of Blue Bell Ice Cream is recalling all of its products over risk of Listeria. In a news release, the Texas company said the recall was triggered after the dangerous bacteria was found in two different samples of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Supermarkets in 23 U.S. states and overseas have been instructed to stop selling Blue Bell products. Consumers are asked not to eat the ice cream, and instead return it to the store where it was bought for a full refund. Three patients in a Kansas hospital died from listeriosis linked to Blue Bell ice cream, triggering a more limited recall last month.
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Baptist Health and Anderson Cancer Center Announced Partnership Agreement
Baptist health and the MD Anderson Cancer Center have announced the signing of a partnership agreement. The program will initially be in the outpatient center that has the Hill Breast Center and the Edna Williams Cancer Center. But Baptist is looking to buy land in San Marco where they will build. .
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Breast Cancer Drug Proves Effective In Patients With Advanced Disease
An approved Pfizer drug is proving effective in patients with advanced breast cancer. The drug maker said Wednesday its drug Ibrance has shown it can delay the progression of breast cancer in patients previously treated with anti-estrogen drugs. The medication works by blocking two specific enzymes involved in cell growth. Other pharmaceutical companies are testing.
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