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    3 new movies in theaters today!  Nerve with Emma Roberts explores the still unknown world of the internet with an online game of truth or dare – Matt Damon is back at Jason Bourne, so gear up for some serious butt kicking and finally, the ultimate LNO is here, Bad Moms opens up today with Mila Kunis leading the pack of hilarious ladies. (www.imdb.com) Read More


R | 1h 50min | Drama |   In 1951, Marcus, a working-class Jewish student from New Jersey, attends a small Ohio college, where he struggles with sexual repression and cultural disaffection, amid the ongoing Korean War.  

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E-Cigarette Toxin Levels Increase With Each Use

   (Berkeley, CA)   Electronic cigarettes emit toxic vapors that can be damaging to those in the area.  A new study out of the Lawrence ...

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